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My Mission

Carlsbad is filled with wonderful people and amazing opportunities all packaged in a beautiful landscape.  I feel so fortunate to live here; but as with anything, Carlsbad must be continuously maintained and nurtured so that it remains the Southern California gem that it is.  As my family and I look around our community today, we are concerned about the rise in crime and homelessness, as I know you are as well. We have watched as these, and other issues, threaten our quality of life and the sense of safety we enjoy in our community. 

I hear people talk about a sense of helplessness when it comes to addressing our problems because they feel special interests have taken control of the decision making process. As a Marine I was trained to rise above that feeling by exercising traits such as leadership, initiative, and courage so as to achieve success in the face of what can seem as overwhelming odds.

Now more than ever, we need representatives who will make common sense decisions based on law and order, and the best interests of the residents of Carlsbad. We need leadership that will focus the attention of the city on logical solutions for local problems and not focused on appeasing and fulfilling the agenda of special interests groups. We need people who are going to set politics aside and implement common sense solutions for Carlsbad.

I’m running for City Council because Carlsbad is where I want to continue to raise my kids and eventually retire. Carlsbad is my home and it is worth fighting for. My interests are your interests, and I will represent only you.


Greg Day for Carlsbad City Council- District 4

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